In Which I Indulge Myself in Husbandly Bragging

I told you, didn’t I, that my wife is a first-class writer in Mandarin? I told those of you who read Mandarin that your time would be better spent in reading her blog than mine, didn’t I?

Well, she just got an e-mail from a newspaper in Taiwan wanting to know where to send her check. That would be because the professional Chinese author who did the Mandarin translation of The Love Dare is a fan of Helen’s blog and told her she should submit this article to the newspaper for publication. So she did, and sure enough they published it, and now they want to know where to send her check.

[smiling] And do you know the nicest thing about my lovely and funny and extremely talented wife? Her response to my telling her, “Oh, man, I am going straight to the blog and some braggin’ is about to commence,” was to insist that the main takeaway from all of this…is that she has been right all this time in telling me that I should publish a book — “because you’re a much better writer than I am.” And the truly endearing thing is that she is 100% sincere. 100% wrong, of course, because even I, who can only read Mandarin with a dictionary and a lot of help, can tell that she sees the world through a special pair of eyes and has a gift for communicating that vision to the rest of us. So, yes, 100% wrong. But 100% sincere.

[laughing] You know, all I do is tell the truth about her, and she thinks I am an outrageous flatterer and that I exaggerate shamelessly. [shakes head helplessly] She simply can’t believe that I mean it when I tell her how special she is, because nothing she does seems special to her.

Man, I can’t wait to get home.


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