A true classic

I posted this long ago; but it’s worth a repost. It’s worth a re-reading, even if you’ve read it fifty times before.

Lamentations of the Father.


That explains it

Of no interest to anybody in the world but myself:

I never could figure something out. Stefanie Sun (Sūn Yan Zī) sings a song I really like called “空口言 (Kōngkǒu Yán).” That name is very difficult indeed to translate, but seems to be a highly elusive and metaphorical way to say something like “Empty Words.” But the odd thing is that this song has the English title “Sky” every time you see it translated on the Web, or when you fetch the album information off the Web with iTunes or Windows Media. This is truly bizarre. I mean, it’s not just that the phrase “kōngkǒu yán” has nothing to do with the sky — there’s nothing about the sky in the whole song. Complete mystery. Left me baffled.

But today I happened to look inside the booklet that came with the CD I bought in Singapore as a gift for a friend (it got accidentally opened through my carelessness), and saw the English titles Yan Zī herself gave each song. And there it was: “KKY.” Which is, quite obviously, short for “Kōng Kǒu Yán.”

Apparently Yan Zī couldn’t figure out how to translate it into English either.