Rusty’s baptism, and the Peril’s first sermon in twenty years or so

July 8, 2012.

Angelina doesn’t think it’s fair that Rusty and Grandpa are getting to swim but she isn’t.

The sermon later in the service was “How God Feels About You,” and was the first sermon I’ve preached in probably twenty years. (In the Episcopal church, laymen are very rarely asked to fill the pulpit.) Fair warning: this being a Disciples of Christ church, the sermon is around twenty-five minutes long. If it will make you feel better, however, this particular one happens to have very little fire and brimstone in it.

I do, by the way, actually know that Darcy’s given name is “Fitzwilliam,” not “William” — I’ve been watching the excellent YouTube series “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries” and I let some of its modernisation slip in unnoticed. Sorry about that. That’s one of the problems of preaching without notes rather than writing it all out in advance, I suppose — but Helen had been complaining about how much she dislikes sermons that are read rather than preached; so THAT option was out.

If it takes a little while to load, don’t worry; that happens to me, too.

What God thinks about you (Kenny sermon 2012.07.08)

Sorry about the singing at the end; I forgot that while in an Episcopal church you typically sing all the verses, in the Disciples of Christ church it’s traditionally “first, second, and last verses,” and thus I sailed merrily into the wrong verse at one point. If I were you, when the music starts I’d stop listening.


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