Official Notice to those Gentle Readers who consider themselves Real Men:

You are no such thing, unless you think you can match yourself up against English rugby player Paul Wood.

Key sentence regarding Wood’s ability to, in the hoariest of sports cliches, “play with pain:” “[Wood] sustained the injury one minute into the second half, but managed to play the rest of the match before seeking treatment.”

And what injury was this, you ask? The headline tells you all you need to know: “Rugby player loses testicle after final defeat.” (“Final defeat” in this case is intended to mean “defeat in the English Super League Grand Final,” not “defeat from which it is impossible for him to recover,” though a case clearly can be made for the latter interpretation.)

You also get some British understatement in the story, which adds that Woods’s team lost despite his, and I quote, “determined effort.”

Hat tip: Dave.


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