The Peril permanently forfeits a privilege

So I put together a list of all the things I wanted to bring with me to Singapore, at the urging of my wife. And I successfully brought:

  • Both cell phones AND their chargers…
  • …AND the backup battery power for the iPhone.
  • Travel power adaptor and voltage transformer.
  • Blood pressure testing kit
  • Blood sugar testing kit
  • USB bus to make up for the fact that two of the three USB jacks on my company laptop have stopped working
  • My mouse AND the little thing that plugs into the USB port that I keep leaving places (but not today, bucko!).
  • Various medicines.
  • Sudoko to read on the plane.
  • A freshly purchased My Utmost for His Highest for quiet times.
  • My Singapore currency and change stash from the last trip.
  • A T-shirt specially purchased for a friend here in Singapore that I think would get a kick out of it. (I tried to find a copy of Mark Steyn’s A Song for the Season for another friend that I think would really enjoy that, but that book’s out of print and no Half-Price Books in town had a copy in stock.)
  • My passport and wallet and the laptop itself, all of which I am well known to be at risk of leaving home without.
  • My Houston ID badge and also my Australian one, in case I get diverted to Australia before getting back home.

So all in all I was very proud of myself for having gotten everything on my list.

Then I got to the hotel in Singapore this morning and unpacked my suitcase.

And discovered I forgot to bring any pants.

There is no way on God’s green earth that Helen is ever going to trust me to pack for myself again…



6 thoughts on “The Peril permanently forfeits a privilege

  1. I DON’T claim this as my fault, but about 3 years ago Max and I left for our two and a half months in Michigan and realized at the end of the first day’s drive that he hadn’t brought ANY shoes.

  2. I was just laughing about this with John, and he reminded me that a year and a half ago I forgot to bring the suitcase that contained almost all my clothes AND Max’s. He made me tell you. :)

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