NFL stupidity

Champion stupid dude of the day: Lavonte David, the Tampa Bay dude who pushed Geno Smith for absolutely no reason and thus put the Jets in field go range with seven seconds left. One of the stupidest plays I’ve ever seen in any sport on the professional level.

But if you want to see the biggest accumulation of stupidity, how about:

1. Clay Matthews hits Kaepernick out of bounds to give the Forty-Niners a first down after they were stopped for a fourth-and-two inside the ten. Stupid.

2. But then Joe Staley comes and bails Matthews out by starting a fight, drawing his own flag, and turning the dead-ball automatic-first-down penalty on Matthews into offsetting penalties. Welcome to fourth down again, you moron.

3. BUT THEN the officials said, “Offsetting penalties…replay third down.” Say WHAT? I’m sitting there thinking, “Have they changed the rules???” Um, no, you just have hopeless morons who don’t know the rules calling the marquee game in the NFC. UnbeLIEVable. How do THESE guys have jobs????

Yeah, we’re all professionals here…


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