“It’s a Pet Peeve of Mine” Dept

SCENE: The Peril and his newly-22-year-old daughter go to Starbucks for a celebratory birthday coffee break. The barista is a pleasant-looking lady in probably her mid-thirties.

BARISTA: What can I get you folks?

PERIL: I’ll take a venti latte, please.

BARISTA: Venti latte…can I get your name?

PERIL: Kenny.

BARISTA [carefully writing “Danny” on the cup, to the discreetly shared amusement of the Peril and Kristina]: Thanks. And you, miss?

KRISTINA: I’ll take a grande vanilla latte, please.

BARISTA: No problem. And your name?

KRISTINA: Kristina.

BARISTA: Is that Kristina with a K, or a C-H?


BARISTA [writing the name on the cup]: Got it. Sorry, I just always want to get the spelling right. [The Peril and Kristina catch each other’s eye and quickly look away, suppressing smiles.] I can’t stand it when people misspell names, can you? [Doesn’t wait for an answer, which is good as the Pierces don’t trust themselves to talk] It just drives me crazy. I mean, I suppose it’s not really that important, it’s just a big pet peeve of mine when people misspell names; so I’m always careful to get it right. [Turns to the Peril, as Kristina turns to gaze intently at the pictures on the opposite wall while making curious choking noises] Can I get you anything else, Danny?


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