You Keep Using That Word Dept

My daughter is in labor; so I’m working at a Panera Bread in Katy instead of at the office today. On the drive over I was listening to a sports show and the host was complaining that his listeners were trying to hold him to too high a standard. “I get so many e-mails starting, ‘No matter what you and other so-called experts say…’ But, hey, I never espoused that I was an expert!”

Hm, that’s an interesting employment of the term “espoused,” there. But I just noted it mildly in passing, agreed with the host that it would certainly be unreasonable for anyone to credit him with expertise, and would have forgotten it by tomorrow…

…except that the guy at the next table here at Panera Bread just reminded me of this morning’s sports guy, in the act of topping him. Panera Warrior here was talking about how to improve the employee training section of his company’s website and suddenly came up with an idea that really excited him, “Why don’t you impregnate some videos in it?” Um…I have no idea what that means, but I’m pretty sure it’s illegal in China.


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