Adventures in Announcing Dept

A couple of things I heard from play-by-play announcers over the last couple of months.

First, there’s one that I think was from a Rockets game but can’t be sure because I didn’t write it down at the time: “They have to be happy with their defense; they’ve caused a lot of unforced errors tonight.”

Secondly, James Lofton, during Westwood One’s broadcast of the Green Bay / Chicago game a couple of weeks ago, in complaining that teams with retractable-roof stadiums are way too eager to close the roofs even when the weather’s fine (this is an exact quote as best as I can remember it):

They close the roof even when the weather’s fine! Indianapolis used to do that back when Peyton Manning was there. They would close the roof even when the weather was perfect because Peyton didn’t want any swirling air to get to his balls.

Bon Appetit Dept

I’m pretty sure the guys who were hired to put up the wallpaper in the IHOP here in Clarksburg — wallpaper which sports whimsically fonted listings of various items off the classic IHOP menu such as buttermilk pancakes — did this on purpose:

WV photo 3

I thought Helen would think that was really funny, but she turned out not to be familiar with the sense of the word “pan” that it takes in compounds such as “bedpan.” So first there was an English lesson. THEN she thought it was funny. But she wasn’t particularly happy that I had passed that on to her while she was eating breakfast… (Just kidding about the last bit.)