Update on Mom (shamelessly cut and pasted from e-mail)

My mother suffered congestive heart failure and pulmonary edema as a result (as best the doctors can guess) of virus-induced myocarditis. The first order of business has been to get her stabilized and breathing on her own; and they at last succeeded in taking her off the ventilator yesterday (after trying and failing each of the two days before). She is finally awake today and able to talk and, characteristically, joke around a little bit, although she is too exhausted to laugh. She is generally cheerful, her greatest regret at present being that she missed out on the fun as “Bob Stoops blazed a fat trail of I-told-you-so doughnuts all over our national parking lot.” (Openly stolen from this hilarious take on the Sugar Bowl: http://www.grantland.com/story/_/id/10236203/oklahoma-beats-alabama-sugar-bowl, which also includes the following line, in reference to Oklahoma’s closing sort-of-onside kick: “It was probably an accident, which somehow made it more, not less, insulting. It was as though Stoops had partied so hard on the corpse of the SEC that he woke up with an unplanned tattoo.”)
Anyway, they will keep Mom’s movements very restricted over the next two weeks, as they know neither how much damage was done to the heart, nor how permanent that damage might be. With luck she’ll get the catheters out today and finish the most aggressive rounds of medication, and be moved to a regular room in the hospital, though she might have to spend one more night in the critical-care ward. We hope she’ll be able to come home (though with very restricted activity) within two or three days.
The current plan is for my sister to fly up to Pittsburgh Thursday morning, and for me to meet her there, swap out rental cars, send her down the road toward West Virginia, and then fly home. I should be in the office on Friday. I was expecting to be online most of the time during working hours this week except for my Thursday travel day, but obviously with the current weather, it is taking a lot longer than it ordinarily would to run all the errands I am running on my dad’s behalf so that he can stay at the hospital with Mom. I’ll be available and online as much as I can today through Wednesday but can’t promise that at any given moment I won’t be temporarily unavailable. (Forgive the triple negative there…)

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