My comment to Mozilla

I have lots of friends (and family members for that matter) who hold pretty much every imaginable position on gay marriage, and I imagine very few of them share mine, which is as idosyncratic as my political opinions generally tend to be. But only a very great fool indeed thinks that a person’s moral character is accurately revealed by something as hopelessly incoherent and carelessly thought through as the typical American’s views on controversial political subjects. Alas, I am not always able to be as charitable with others as I should be. So I share the following comment, left by me on Mozilla’s feedback page in the wake of the absurd Eich controversy, in the spirit of honesty with my future self, who will probably find much to criticize in it. Only…it really is true that opening Mozilla now reminds me of the Eich thing, and the next thing I know I’m being annoyed by it all over again; so it’s much easier to simply switch over to Google or Safari. This is not because I am punishing Mozilla for its liberalism; the folks at Google and Apple are probably at about the same spot on the political spectrum as are the folks at Mozilla. This is purely a personal thing: nobody at Google or Apple has done anything as supremely asinine yet, and therefore using their browsers doesn’t remind me of any distractingly annoying incidents. It’s a personal optimization I’m making, not a political statement.

But I probably still should have been less obnoxious in the comment. Or better yet not left one. Ah well. Sainthood is still a long way off, but I already was well aware of THAT.

The comment:

Have used Firefox for years upon years. Off to Safari I go…I imagine that most of the folks at Apple share your opinions, to which you are welcome and which would not have influenced me in any direction in my choice of browser, any more than they affect my willingness to be friends with persons from all points on the spectrum. But I find narcissists, hypocrites, and self-righteous persons highly annoying. As it appears that the dominant element in Mozilla’s culture is the peculiarly American variety of intolerant bigot who combines all three in one noxious ass, I find that every time I open Mozilla now, I’m reminded of unpleasant people — and life is too short to be thus spoiled unnecessarily. Good-bye, and I hope someday you grow up and learn how to deal with people who disagree with you with something less self-demeaning than the petulant tantrums of six-year-olds.

[grinningly observes to self that said comment looks very much like the petulant tantrum of a six-year-old except for the vocabulary — very Calvinesque, all in all, don’t you think?]

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