My daughter Merry rocks

Have to brag a ton on my daughter Merry Trinity Pierce. So, Katy High School has this genuinely outstanding choir, right? Genuinely remarkable program whose women in particular are as good as any in the state of Texas — 1s across the board in their recent UIL contest, and one of the judges added a note that they should consider making a serious run at the “best in state” contest that most of the state’s 1700 or so choirs don’t even bother to contemplate entering. A couple of weeks ago I watched them join up with a choir from El Paso and a full orchestra to do a “Masterworks” concert focusing on the works of one of the country’s leading living composers, Dan Forrest — who (in exchange for a commission of something like $12,000 or so, I gather) not only was in attendance, not only joined in on the last few rehearsals and served as their pianist, not only wrote a new piece that the Katy choir premiered…not only that. He started the proceedings by giving an impassioned speech saying that he disagreed with people who said you had to dumb music down for high school choirs and that these kids were singing the pieces as he originally wrote them, and doing a kick-butt job of it. (That last bit is slightly paraphrased.) Then they sang, among other things, his “Requiem for the Living” (a lovely piece; but not something most high school choirs attempt) and proved it.

So, my point is, that choir? That genuinely remarkable, outstanding high school choir? It has a ten-year-old plaque that every year gets one new name on it for that year’s Outstanding Student, Katy High School Choir. And as of last night, the tenth name on that plaque was Trinity Pierce.

Only other parents know how I feel right now. (Now I’m afraid you’ll have to excuse me, as I seem to have gotten some dust or something in my eyes…)


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