My mother gives me a bit of a scare

It is the middle of the work day, and I am in a conference room with half a dozen co-workers, when my iPhone buzzes. I glance at it and see that it is displaying the first few words of a group text from my mom to myself and Helen and my sister:

“Darrell just came in rather in a tremor…”

My heart sinks; has my 76-year-old dad had a stroke? Is this the end of the active life he has always led? — after all, just last week he and my mother were out with two come-alongs and a bunch of posts reinforcing one of their garden terraces…

Rapidly I use my thumbprint to unlock the phone, switch to Messages, touch the most recent message from my mom:

“Darrell just came in rather in a tremoring voice saying that that sled Kenny gave us is REALLY fast.”

So, um, I guess I don’t have to worry about declining activity level yet…


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