Mystery Solved Dept.

The church I attend doesn’t have nearly enough parking for all the people who go there on Sunday morning, and there is no land available to build more parking lots. So most of us park off-site and ride shuttle buses to the sanctuary, in order to leave room in the church parking lot itself for visitors.

A few Sundays ago, just as the shuttle bus was starting to pull away from the shuttle stop, a lady who appeared to be somewhat irate came zooming diagonally across the parking lot and cut in front of us, forcing the bus driver to slam on the brakes. All the folks on the bus were good Christian people and so no disparaging comments were heard, though a couple of us met each other’s eyes and grinned knowingly. In moments she was at the exit from the parking lot onto the I-69 frontage road. There was oncoming traffic but she did not deign to notice it; the driver of the nearest oncoming car had to swerve over to the middle lane to avoid her as she gunned her vehicle into his path. As the shuttle bus itself came up to the parking lot exit, we all saw her make a hard, high-G-force right turn into the next parking lot, fifty yards or so down the road; and as we pulled out onto the service road the entire bus began to laugh out load as the lady in question veered her car into a parking space and slammed on the brakes…

…right in front of the business with the big sign above the door saying, “DEFENSIVE DRIVING.”


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