And a guy from Britain’s left who backs me up

Fair warning to Americans, especially Baptists: this guy is English. Now if you have not spent time in England, you may not realize that words that are nuclear obscenities here are mild expletives there. When an Englishman drops an f-bomb it is rather more like an f-soap-bubble…he is generally being less offensive than is a Texan who says, “Well, bless yore heart.” Same with the phrase “take a s**t,” which in England needs no asterisks. On the other hand, if you say, “Where did I leave my bloody coffee cup this time?” that is a Bad Word you just dropped there. (“Bloody,” I mean. Bill Flett was once giving a sermon in his church in New Zealand and mentioned “Jesus’ bloody brow” and his five-year-old daughter gasped and loudly asked her mother, and in effect the rest of the congregation as well, “Why is Daddy swearing in church????” thereby derailing the sermon severely for a couple of minutes.) Cultures are different.

So I don’t find this offensive but if you have small children and you don’t feel like explaining the philosophical ramifications of the contextuality of obscenity then you probably don’t want to watch this with them.

He is making the same case I made here, but from the perspective of a furious far-left liberal (he thinks Hillary is “right-wing” and I am quite sure that, being from England, he is completely serious and by English standards of left- and right-wing pretty accurate), and with quite a bit more passion.

And I appreciate the fact that he recognizes that most of the people who voted for Trump are neither racist nor sexist.


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