Adventures in Ordering Coffee

SCENE: A Houston Starbucks with not very good acoustics and a whole bunch of ambient noise.

STARBUCKS GUY: What can I get started for you?
ME: A venti whole-milk latte.
SG: A venti latte with no foam; got it.
ME: No, a venti latte with whole milk.
SG: Ah, sorry, a venti latte with cold milk.
ME (with relentlessly polite but extremely clear enunciation): No, a venti latte with [pause] whole [pause] milk.
SG: A venti whole-milk latte?
ME: Exactly.
SG: OK, can I get a name for that order?
ME: Kenny.
SG: OK, Danny, it’ll be right out.

The drink was the right drink once I got it, by the way.


Way too much politics recently and not enough of other stuff

Seems I’ve been putting the light-hearted stuff on Facebook and only coming here for long essays, which was not my intent only it’s just so easy to drop things on Facebook compared to blogging them. And the last election…well, there has been lots to try to think through, to say the least; so the long essays here have been dominated by politics for, like, a year.

But I will try to change my ways going forward.