What Rick Perry should be advocating…

…is made clear by this article.

I am of course teasing. What Rick Perry had to say about the role of fossil fuels in reducing incidences of sexual assault in sub-Saharan Africa was perfectly sensible so far as I can tell, and the odds are good that the studies referenced in the article are bogus, since (a) I haven’t read the studies myself to check the methodology and (b) the overwhelming majority of “scientific studies” produced by the “social science” part of American academia have rather less to do with science than does astrology. So there’s not a serious political point here…I just couldn’t help but laugh at the mental image of Rick Perry, of all people, carrying pompously on about what Africa needed was More Prostitutes.

UPDATE: Actually this was a paper by economists, not social scientists (unless you consider economists to be a subset of social scientists). Which means that next month the same people will probably produce, without shame, another article proving that the primary cause of rape is prostitution…

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